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Type your cut contents here.  Title: Worries charcters:… - So a former key and an ex-watcher walk into a bar... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Wesley/Dawn 'Shippers

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[Mar. 20th, 2008|03:17 am]
Wesley/Dawn 'Shippers


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Title: Worries
charcters: Dawn/Wesley
chapter: 1
genre: romance/drama/humor

Dawn sat quietly in the small office that Angel had arranged for her, she has only been there for a year and already she was angered, well more like confused. It all started when she began to work for Angel last year, her sister was off rounding up slayers with the others so she could start up a slayer academy thing. She really could care less about that stuff. Anyway she decided that she needed to get out on her own after she graduated college, so she called the first available person she knew in California. Angel was nice enough to take her in and give her a job doing research with him and his little Angel co. she called them. The Angel co. consisted of Fred, Lorne, Gunn, Angel of course, Spike, and Wesley. Wesley now that is what confused her at this point! When she began working with the group they accepted her immediately and they al became a little family just like with the scoobies! But it was one night 1 month ago that landed her here tonight.

They were all out to eat and were on their way back to the office when screams could be heard from an alley up ahead. All prepared for anything, ran towards the screams to see a gang of vamps surrounding 5 girls who probably were out for a night of drinking seeing as it was St.Patrick's Day. So the gang ran towards the gang and they took on the vamps. Dawn was holding up good and staked 2, but the next thing she knew she was grabbed from behind, obviously caught of guard she screamed loudly. She was then turned around and was face to face with a hideous vamp. The vamp smiled and gripped her throat tightly and he rose her petite and frightened form from off the ground.

Dawn could feel the air leave her lungs quickly and she could feel the adreneline she had, escape her body quickly. She quickly gave up as the darkness took hold of her because of the lack of oxygen, but before she blacked out completely she heard a sudden hit and she felt herself hit the cold ground and become free from the vamps grasp. She heard her name being called as Wesley kneeled beside her and grabbed her hand and the others stood above her. She sighed and finally the darkness took hold of her exhausted body.

Dawn awoken later on a couch with a quilt laid over her, she tried to call out for someone in panic when she saw she was alone.But her throat was far too dry and she found that it was also far to painful so she tried to stand only to be startled by a voice.
Before she fell back in surprise she was caught by two strong ams, she looked up to see the owner of the arms. Wesley just smiled and set her back on the couch and walked over to the mini fridge and grabbed a bottle of cold water for her to sip. He handed her the water to which she smiled weakly and proceeded to drink greedily.

When done she found that her throat was more refreshed and slightly less painful. She smiled at the man in front of her and said a hoarsly " Thank you Wesley. For back in the alley and now."

"Don't worry Dawn, I'd gladly do that for you any day." he replied with a sad smile as he looked into dawn's big eyes.

"Well I'll have to remember that the next time a vamp decides he needs a beverage!" she replied with a huge grin. 

Wesley chuckled at the young woman in front of him. "I hope you always remember that, no matter what Dawn." he replied with a sad smile.

"I'll hold you to that." she replied as both inched closer til the could feel both their breathes mingle together in the dim lighted office. Finally with a smile they made the connection, lips and tongues locked and stayed in sync. When the kiss was completed Wesley pulled away and stood quickly.

"I...I need to go. I'm sorry Dawn." He replied quickly as he exited the small office leaving a sad,and confused young woman behind.

Dawn sighed in memory, ever since then they haven't really talked, or been alone in a room together. Dawn knew this couldn't go on anymore and if he wasn't going to do something about it then she sure as hell was.


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